SE Pipe Boxing

All Coverad Pipe Boxing Profile is available in either standard sizes off the shelf or manufactured completely bespoke to your requirements.

Our standard measurements are 100 – 300mm high, 50 – 300mm deep, 1.2 – 2.4m in length, if you require alternate dimensions please enquire as our friendly team are sure to help.

Material:                   PVC Class 1 Fire Rated

Thickness:              4.5mm

Bend Angle:            90 degrees

Available Options   Joining Strips, External Corners, End Caps, Slotted Profile

Bespoke Manufacture

In addition to the above sizes, Coverad Pipe Boxing can also be manufactured in any dimension specified from 50mm to 610mm.  

Please call 01276 819006 to get you quotation on bespoke pipe boxing.

Installation Service

As with all Coverad products, a full installation service is available using our qualified, experienced employees.